Company Agent at Real Estate HQ, Brisbane
Regina Real Estate HQ agent

Meet Regina

Since joining the Real Estate HQ team in 2021, Regina has leveraged her five years in the Human Resources space to seamlessly transition to her Admin Support Role.

Her commitment to precision and dedication to cultivating connections with all stakeholders demonstrates her nurturing instinct, patience, and skill in fostering meaningful relationships. These qualities define her approach to both client engagement and teamwork within Real Estate HQ.

Regina’s responsibility for our internal audit processes and reviews is paramount as it ensures the accuracy and transparency of our operations. Her meticulous approach safeguards our organisation’s reputation and fosters confidence among our stakeholders, including clients, investors, tenants and regulatory bodies.

Regina’s responsibilities extend to maintenance follow-up, a critical component for risk management, tenant satisfaction, client peace of mind and the integrity of the maintenance process. In this role, she ensures that work orders are promptly and satisfactorily completed, safeguarding client investments by preventing unnecessary maintenance expenditures and providing peace of mind regarding the prudent use of funds.

Clients can expect regular communication from Regina to discuss any outstanding matters or concerns, underscoring the importance of ongoing client engagement. This proactive approach ensures that clients are kept informed about matters concerning their investment property and allows any outstanding issues to be promptly addressed and resolved.

Personal Life

Outside of work Regina loves to spend time with her two cats Cheddar and SJ. She takes great pride in being a cat enthusiast, highlighting her caring nature.

Regina is a dedicated team member and continues to deliver excellence in every task she undertakes.
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