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Meet Kevin

Kevin has been a pivotal member of the Real Estate HQ team since 2019, specialising in operations management and Client service excellence.

His dedication to operational efficiency and his passion for delivering unparalleled service are the foundations of his role within the company.

In his role, Kevin oversees a range of crucial operations including:

  • All rental properties are well-maintained, safe and compliant.
  • Tenant maintenance requests are verified and actioned in a timely manner
  • Properly insured and qualified tradesmen are engaged
  • The prevention of costly repairs
  • Properties meet all ‘Minimum Housing Standards’ Landlords costs are minimised at all times.

Water Processing, Accounts and Creditor invoice processing


Landlords with water efficient properties are able to charge their tenants for water usage. Kevin processes the water charge from Landlord Council rates notices, invoices tenants, follows up delinquent tenants, takes further action with tenants who do not pay and remits the funds to our Landlords.

Creditor invoices are processed accurately and paid in a timely manner. Paying close attention to actual rates and charges Kevin protects our landlords from over charging, safeguarding them against over priced repairs and maintenance charges. Client services-Kevin places a high priority on customer satisfaction, diligently working to ensure that clients feel valued and supported. He is committed to fostering positive and rewarding experiences with the company.

Personal Life

Beyond his professional obligations, Kevin is profoundly committed to his family, finding immense fulfilment in his roles as a devoted husband and a cat dad to two beloved feline companions. His personal life serves as a source of joy and inspiration, fueling his motivation and excellence in his professional endeavours.

Kevin is more than just an employee; he is a dedicated team member who is passionate about contributing to the collective success of the company and making a meaningful difference in the experiences of all Clients.

He looks forward to continuing his significant contributions to the team’s achievements and further enhancing the quality of service provided to clients.
Ali Real Estate HQ agent

Meet Ali

Ali Cabalu is a seasoned professional with nearly seven years experience in the real estate sector, showcasing a versatile portfolio that includes Property Management and Administrative Assistant.

Ali is a clear thinker and works well under pressure. Utilising her knowledge, experience, speed and proficiency to deliver value to all stakeholders and Clients.

Ali’s early career was spent as a Customer Service Representative providing her with the expertise necessary to solve customer concerns with immediacy and precision.

Prior to commencing at Real Estate HQ Ali worked in a support role where she assisted property managers with admin tasks and direct tenant liaison. This position was instrumental in sharpening her property management skill set, and customer service skills.
Over the last four years, Ali has been the cornerstone in the administrative team at Real Estate HQ. Her responsibilities include managing paperwork, overseeing administrative tasks, and ensuring that customer phone inquiries are handled with the utmost attention and care.

She provides transparent and timely solutions, ensuring every enquiry is promptly directed to the relevant departments for resolution.

She works closely with our Business Manager Fiona Lee processing tenancy applications and presenting the most suitable to our Landlords. She also prepares our Routine Inspection reports and assists wherever the business requires her.

Throughout her career, Ali has cultivated a deep understanding of the real estate industry and has learned the importance of listening and providing thoughtful advice to clients, recognizing that each brings a unique narrative to the table. This practice has not only broadened her professional knowledge but also fostered personal growth, highlighting the significance of adaptability in both work and life.
Regina Real Estate HQ agent

Meet Regina

Since joining the Real Estate HQ team in 2021, Regina has leveraged her five years in the Human Resources space to seamlessly transition to her Admin Support Role.

Her commitment to precision and dedication to cultivating connections with all stakeholders demonstrates her nurturing instinct, patience, and skill in fostering meaningful relationships. These qualities define her approach to both client engagement and teamwork within Real Estate HQ.

Regina’s responsibility for our internal audit processes and reviews is paramount as it ensures the accuracy and transparency of our operations. Her meticulous approach safeguards our organisation’s reputation and fosters confidence among our stakeholders, including clients, investors, tenants and regulatory bodies.
Regina’s responsibilities extend to maintenance follow-up, a critical component for risk management, tenant satisfaction, client peace of mind and the integrity of the maintenance process.

In this role, she ensures that work orders are promptly and satisfactorily completed, safeguarding client investments by preventing unnecessary maintenance expenditures and providing peace of mind regarding the prudent use of funds.

Clients can expect regular communication from Regina to discuss any outstanding matters or concerns, underscoring the importance of ongoing client engagement. This proactive approach ensures that clients are kept informed about matters concerning their investment property and allows any outstanding issues to be promptly addressed and resolved.

Personal Life

Outside of work Regina loves to spend time with her two cats Cheddar and SJ. She takes great pride in being a cat enthusiast, highlighting her caring nature.

Regina is a dedicated team member and continues to deliver excellence in every task she undertakes.

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