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Professional property management Indooroopilly our expertise and knowledge in the property management sector is unsurpassed. With more than five decades of collective experience in managing residential investment properties, there are few challenges we haven’t encountered and successfully addressed.

Led by our Principal Lu Bracher we take the time to understand your unique needs, preferences, and goals, crafting tailored solutions that are designed to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations.

We can solve your current rental property problems, whether it’s a delinquent tenant, property damage, tenant disputes or never ending maintenance.

We understand that being a landlord can be a frustrating experience. You invest huge amounts of time and money with the hope of establishing a positive investment return only to find a plethora of rules and regulations that seem to give your tenant more rights than you do!

Sadly for many investors their investment property which was supposed to be a source of passive income and a way to secure their financial future becomes a constant source of stress and disappointment.

We’ve all experienced or heard about the problems in the property management industry. It’s ongoing and never ending.

  • Non responsive and ineffective property managers
  • The communication void leaving landlords in the dark, creating misunderstandings, adding stress and ultimately jeopardising the investment’s potential for success.
  • Lack of transparency
  • Unexpected and unattended maintenance
  • Lease expiration
  • Rental arrears


How Do We Solve These Problems?

Our team are stable and have been with us for many years (see their profiles here and here and here). It’s common knowledge within the industry that the average Property Manager lasts around nine months in their role (probably even less now) so in reality your current property manager is either leaving or looking for another job.

We communicate! A bug bear of many landlords we have built communication processes that work. We are responsive as a team rather than as an individual. Despite what you believe having one point of contact doesn’t actually work in your best interests. When that point of contact is absent, on leave, busy or has simply left their job who is going to answer your query? Will the replacement have an understanding of your concerns and your property?

We know from experience that after a property manager has left their position their portfolio is a complete mess and takes many many months to tidy up. If your property was being managed by that property manager then all your communication will be buried with all the other unanswered emails/calls etc.

It can take their replacement around 6 months to tidy up the portfolio and get an understanding of each of the properties and Landlords. When you consider that the average PM stays around 9 months it’s a constant merry go round.

As a small team we run with centralised communication channels. Your emails are centralised and responded to by the team who have constant ‘real time’ dialogue throughout the working day. Your communication may be answered by any one of our team members-not by your (often) absent property manager or a receptionist who can be unsure where your query should be directed.

Issues are resolved quickly and professionally. Nothing sits around and festers and then becomes an even bigger more expensive problem to fix down the track.

Who Can We Help Best?

We are small boutique style agency servicing likeminded property investors. Our service works best for those landlords looking for excellent property management rather than the lowest fees.

Specialist advice, proprietary processes and expert problem solving has a price and whilst we believe our fees and charges are competitive we will never lower our fees and hence our service to ‘match’ the guy down the road.

If you understand the role we play between you the landlord and your tenant and you’d rather be playing golf than worrying about whether your rental property complies with the latest ‘Minimum Housing Standards’ then at the very least it’s worth your while to have a chat with Lu to see if we are good ‘match’!

Switch to the best property managers in Indooroopilly in 4 easy steps!

Step 1

Step 2

  • We’ll set up an initial meet and greet. (Most likely with Lu) on site at your investment property (preferred) or at our office or at your home. We’ll discuss your plans and strategies, concerns, and answer any queries you may have.
  • This session will determine whether you are comfortable with our approach and to see if we can all work together.

Step 3

  • Paperwork!
  • If your happy to move forward we’ll send you over the necessary documentation. It can all be signed digitally..


Step 4

  • Onboarding
  • This service onboards a new management into our agency.
  • The Owner/Landlord
  • The Tenant
  • The Property


You’d be surprised how much is involved. In almost all cases there are problems that need fixing including:

  • Missing- forms, notices, files, reports, inspections, renewals and agreements
  • Incorrect tenant ledgers and paid to dates
    Unattended maintenance/repairs
  • Missing bonds and receipts
  • Compliance issues
  • Safety issues
  • Rental arrears
  • Missing keys/remotes
  • Missing marketing assets etc
  • Outstanding matters

So whether you are looking for a better more personalised service or you need help strategising and solving outstanding tenancy issues at your investment property our stable long term team is here to help.

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